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30 April 2015

Burial ceremony for Okwudili Oyatanze in Indonesia

Pictures from the burial of Okwudili Oyatanze who was executed in Indonesia for Drug Trafficking. Became reformed in indonesian prisons and turned a gospel singer. He admitted his mistakes and all he asked was for a second chance.
May his gentle soul rest in peace.


  1. may his gentle soul rest in Heaven with the Lord God

  2. Yes, may he rest in peace ..
    This execution was so wrong ...

  3. very wrong, but only God will judge some world leaders

  4. I'm sorry he didn't get his second chance, but he is happy now and redeemed, that i believe...we're all responsible for our thoughts, our action, and the consequences of those actions on others...still, sometimes people surprise me!

  5. well my dear Out of Sight L it's God will for it to happen this way, Almighty God know best why second chance wasn't given to him,
    he is indeed redeemed and he has salvation

  6. Dead and gone... may his soul rest in peace.