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30 May 2015

Group photograph of UK Prime Minister David Cameron and his Eton school team mate

Housemates: Pictured, 1: Campbell Clarke, 2: Tom Goff, 3: Simon Andreae, 4: James Learmond, 5: David Cameron, 6: John Faulkner, 7: Roland Watson, 8: Ed Clarke, 9: Charles ‘Toppo’ Todhunter, 10: Crispin Gibbs, 11: Peter Davis, 12: George Devas, 13: Dominic Bunford, 14: Tim Ellis, 15: Andy Greenacre, 16: Harry Shepherd-Cross, 17: Anthony Headlam, 18: Alex Hope, 19: Richard Halstead, 20: Luke Fletcher, 21: Rupert Morrell, 22: Charles Tremlett, 23: Hon William Montgomerie, 24: Matthew Oakley, 25: James De Salis, 26: Charlie Millard, 27: Fred Collin, 28: James Holland-Hibbert, 29: Frank Althaus, 30: David Chancellor, 31: Henry Pettifer, 32: Hon Adrian Pery Second, 33: Anthony Walkinshaw, 34: Benjamin Bellak, 35: Hon Richard Lytton Cobbold, 36: Hugh Powell, 37: Hugo Andreae, 38: Tim Hayes, 39: Henry Savile, 40: Jason Harris, 41: W W Saunders, 42: Henry Donne, 43: Brough Ransom, 44: Thomas Fielden, 45: Tom Rodwell, 46: Jamie Forbes, 47: Rodolph de Salis

Below the disruptive Eighties quiff, the facial appearance are obvious. Sitting in the centre of this school photograph, wearing  a wing collar and bow-tie signifying his authority as a house captain, is none other than a 17-year-old David Cameron.

This select picture —shows the future Prime Minister in his Eton schooldays — has come to light after the photographer chanced upon it in his archives and decided to make it public.

The picture shows Cameron and 45 housemates at the prime of a very gilded youth.

David Cameron Prime Minister of United kingdom since 2010

David Cameron aged 13yrs


  1. Wow little David Cameron at 13 years very handsome and cute