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11 April 2015

3 easy steps to access BOI Facilities

Wondering how the Bank of Industry can assist you?
BOI’s mandate is to provide financial assistance for the establishment of large, medium and small projects, as well as expansion, diversification and modernization of existing enterprises and rehabilitation of ailing industries

Accessing the Bank of Industry’s facilities is as simple as taking the following steps:

i.                     Formal application letter
ii.                   Completion of BOI’s questionnaire
iii.                  Submission of:
-          Photocopy of certificate of incorporation
-          Certified true copy of Memorandum and articles of Association
-          Form CAC 2.5 (C02) and Form CAC 2.3 (C07) of the company
-          Three (3) years most recent audited accounts in the case of existing businesses
-          Report of feasibility study (2 copies)
-          Land and building documents:

(a)    Title documents with and unexpired tenure off 25years minimum, statutory certificate of occupancy (original copy for sighting);
(b)   Approved building plans;
(c)    Bill of quantities or contractor(s) estimate/valuation report on buildings as applicable
(d)   Satisfactory tenancy agreement long enough to cover the tenure of BOI’s facility, in respect of suitable rented property
-          proforma invoice for items of Machinery and Equipment from the sources     indicated in the feasibility.
-          Price and sources of Raw materials
-          Tax clearance certificate of the company and two (2) Directors for the last three (3) years
-          Eight recent passport photographs of each of the two (2)Director and company secretary
-          Photocopy of International Passport or Driver’s License of the two (2) Director

Start now.
Bank of Industry Limited
Head Office: 23, Marina P.O Box 2357   Lagos Nigeria
Tel: 01-2715070-99 E-mail:  website:

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