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7 April 2015

Christians are the new martyrs, says Pope

Pope Francis 1

Pope Francis has asked for support for Christians throughout the world, calling for concrete participation and tangible help to defend and protect “our brothers and sisters who are persecuted’’. The Pope called for protection for those exiled, killed, and beheaded solely because they were Christians.
“These are our martyrs of today, and they are many, we can say that there are more of them now than there were in the early centuries. “I hope the international community does not look on, mute and inert, at such an unacceptable crime,’’ Francis said.
The Pope did not specify what he expected the international community to do although he encouraged peaceful initiatives. In order to launch his appeal, he took advantage of the presence of a big crowd in St. Peter’s Square, including a delegation from the Shalom Community.

“Your itinerary on the streets is over, but what must continue on the part of all is the spiritual journey of prayer, intense prayer,’’ Pope said.

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