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25 April 2015

silly and annoying stuffs guys always do that are very irritating...

Why do guys pleasure themselves in this irritating behaviour?

1. Chasing Of Every Small Girl:
Stop chasing of every small girl you see on the street who maybe your kid sister's mate, or even your child
Most guys strive to deflower small girls because they say its 'swag'. Shey you don be Boko haram who dey find virgin? Lol!
Guys stop it, it is very irritating and rude..

2. Commenting On Every Female Picture:
Stop commenting on every picture of which of your female friends upload on her facebook  account. It makes you appear silly and jobless.

3.  Requesting for A Girl's Number @ early stage: This is very common among guys. Many guys feel so excited getting a girl's contact. Guys, there's no big deal in it! You might even end up of not calling that day.
Take your time and let the girl wonder why you aren't rushing to get her digits pin like most would do.

4. Conceding to whatever the Ladies Say in order to Become a Gentleman:
We see this on many occasions . Some guys have earned that reputation of always supporting, liking comments made by ladies not because it’s true but because of their gender.

5. entice of every Girl on Facebook Or
Stop wooing every girl on facebook  and other social media. This is so very common among guys, trying to woo a girl because of her prettiness or body figures.
This is silly and irritating, you look like a big crap or are you a fool? Guys please stop it.

6. Always Wanting To Please Ladies:
I'm not saying its bad to be a gentleman, it's just that some guys take it too far.
They go against their own morals and ethics just to please a lady. Come on! That she's not all smile doesn't mean she's unhappy or worried. Some ladies just use these tactics to make you do what you shouldn't do.

7. Thanking A Lady For Accepting Their Friend Request On Facebook:
As if they have won a diamond. It's so irritating and smacks of both desperation and lack of self-esteem. At worst, you should welcome the person and say that you're looking forward to knowing more about her.
Not writing silly stuffs like "Baby, thanks for accepting me as your friend".

8. Staring lustfuly at A Lady's Backside And Frontside:
Almost 87% of guys do this. They just can't help turning around whenever a female passes, just to check out her back and front side. It's very irritating and disgusting too.
Guys stop it.

9. Stop bragging with the number of girls you have slept with, why should you celebrate the number of curses you have accumulated.

10. Stop lying to Ladies just because you want to get under their panties or are you a fool? It's very irritating...

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