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8 April 2015

Woman jailed 20 years for aborting her baby

A 33-year-old Indiana woman, Purvi Patel, has been found guilty and convicted for 20 years after she  aborted her own baby.

Patel was charged for killing a fetus and child neglect. She was arrested after delivering a stillborn baby and throwing the body in a dumpster. The case is the first time a woman has been convicted of feticide for ending her own pregnancy.

Court records reveal that in 2013, Patel went to a hospital because she was bleeding profusely. During examination, doctors quickly realized that she had lost a pregnancy, and she confessed that she had left the fetus in a dumpster.

 Patel became a suspect and was subsequently questioned in the hospital after undergoing surgery to remove the placenta.

In addition to the charge of negligence, prosecutors later added the charge of feticide based on text messages that were on the woman’s phone, showing that she took abortion drugs, which she purchased online.

The text message was sufficient for a jury to convict Patel of feticide.
Feticide is a charge normally used against those who harm a pregnant women, but was never used for a pregnant woman aborting her own baby(BraveheartNaija)

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