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30 May 2015

JOB ADVERT: Be naked wash the dishes, bit of dusting: A Pensioner has placed a job advert to hire £20-an-hour nude cleaner , he got 11 replies in a week

A self-confessed 'voyeur' pensioner has adverted in his local newsagents for a £20-an-hour nude cleaner and has received around 11 letters applications in a week.

The 69-year-old divorcee from Bristol, known as John, has placed an advert in a newsagents for a job position of nude cleaner, as he seeks his fourth employee in as many years.
His job descriptions are simple: wash the dishes, a bit of dusting and general tidying - all naked and get paid above the market rate.

The former land surveyor, whose closest friends are unaware of his adventurous housekeeping, said there was 'nothing sexual' about the circumstances.

John, who divorced his wife 24 years ago, said he enjoyed getting to know the women and slammed 'left-wing feminists with nothing else to say' who have criticised his adverts.

He said: 'I'm not doing anything illegal. I'm not harming anyone. I'm a voyeur, in the truest sense of the word.

'If I was a pervert, I would use an escort agency. If I wanted sex, I would go to a red light district.

'Demeaning to women? I don't think it is. I think that is pathetic actually.
'Often they say to me after their first shift: "That was not as bad as I thought it would be". I get to know them and become friends.' 

John, who lives in Bristol with his rescue cat, Noodles, said he was first inspired to look into hiring a naked cleaner after a conversation with an old friend in London.