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20 June 2015

Army Red Devils sky dives get into trouble at middle of the high sky.

Astonishing moment Army Red Devils sky dive display team member is caught by a colleague in mid-air after his parachute failed to open properly at 1,000ft

Red Devil parachutist Cpl Mike French started 'violently kicking' when his chute failed to open during an air-show

His team-mate Cpl Wayne Shorthouse caught him in mid-air and they landed safely in the water at Queens Dock.

Both soldiers are 'safe' after the terrifying incident at Whitehaven Air show and did not suffer any serious injuries.

Thousands watched in horror as Cpl Mike French, 34, from the Army freefall display team startled 'violently kicking' as he hurtled towards the ground when his parachute became tangled during the Whitehaven Air-show.

But the team's display coordinator Cpl Wayne Shorthouse, 32, managed to catch the soldier and wrap his legs around the deflated parachute, holding his colleague's weight until they landed in the water at Queens Dock on the Cumbrian coast last night.


  1. All these risk taking is not worth it Jare.

    1. lol it is fun and part of entertainment

  2. Thank God he survived!
    all these risk takers sef!