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15 April 2015


You can tell what stuff a person is made up of the very first day you see him or her, through the way he or she talks, moves, laughs and eats. Test them with any of these and you will know them. Invite a friend for a dinner and watch how he or she eats and acts at the table, serve them with enough food and drink, if they rushes then you could prove him or her a glutton. Without morals, you will see them chewing the food to your hearing and with their mouth wide open, so you can see what they are eating; also they will be talking and laughing with food in their mouth. These will tell you who they are, they may try to show some decency, yet you will read their attitude.

There is this fellow, a nighbour, who people hate a lot. I tried to find out why and I realized that, he lacks wisdom, I tried him out one day with words and snack; there I confirmed why people hated him. I bought some snacks and gave him to take from it; this snacks contains about 15  in a pack. He opened and took about 12 and left 3 pieces for me, I was so shock and amazed with such attitude, its funny you know, I just smiled within me and said, if this man were wise, he would have taken one first and that would be enough for him, I should be the one to tell him to take more or take all, why lose your prestige for just a bite? 

Notwithstanding, a man’s weakness should not be a reason for you to hate him rather sympathize with him, try to put yourself in his place, how will you feel, if you are hated for no just cause, or hated for some little mistakes you made that are not intentional?, I am sure you will expect them to understand that you are human. Wise men do not hate people instead, they see them as resourceful substance and inventive. 

They try to beautify them and make them more useful to the community. Do you know that a militant who hate people are actually wrong themselves because there is wisdom in loving people and bringing out the best in them. This is why some of the developed countries around the world today, keep improving. They see intelligence in criminals and adopt them, those convicted they lookout for the best in them and use it, and most of these convicts late became heroes and legends. 

Men who are hated, are often great men, God’s hand is often on most of them. Be careful you may hastily crucify your messiah without knowing   do you know how a person feels when he or she is hated? If you do, you will never hate again. You can change this world by the way you reason. 

Let’s make this world a better place and not a place for one to regret why he or she was born. Please, we are all brothers and sisters irrespective of our color and ethnic backgrounds. Show love to every person you meet on the way, beautiful or ugly, fair or dark complexion, tall or shot, fat or slim. Put a smile on people’s face and not sorrow.    

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