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15 April 2015



My name is ibe Anthony this is a real life story of My Local Village School & Township School. As somebody who have studied at local village primary school and township school, in the local village school its leaves no doubt that is a school located inside the interior desert of an ancient city of 1780s where they are poor infrastructures, bad road network, low standard of living, and no qualify teachers. Majority of the available school proprietors were merely college certificate holders, high college certificate holders, none of them were truly qualified for the post of proprietorship at that time, they had no teaching skills to impact good knowledge on pupils.
My confined rural community school was only a gloominess of itself, with no good records to show on its achievements.
I was admitted into this community primary school in 1993, I had no shoes, no sandals to wear to school; our school was only a shadow of itself with bad classroom, no electricity, no laboratory, no game center, poor school curriculum timetable, no red-cross, and no clinic.

My village school staffs were not knowledgeable enough to impact comprehension to its pupils during the 1780s.
My village school produced a lot of illiterate pupils including myself at that time of 1993-4, during exam, we were just bench warmer, knowing full well that we had already failed, we always anticipate our failure before the commencement and release of examinations result.
Ibe Anthony

My village school was merely producing pupils who can’t read and write, bunch of illiterate, I remember the first time I came 44th out of 89 position in my class, I felt on top of the world, I celebrated myself for taking 44th position in my class, that was in primary two (2).

Due to the condition of my village school I had to repeat my class for three times in primary 1-2
My village school made me more uneducated than ever.
My village school impact an academic death brain in me till when I finally left for Abuja where I broke the jinx of illiteracy just as Governor Abiola Ajimobi broke 2nd term jinx in Oyo state of Nigeria.


Abuja and UK was where my township schools is, in Abuja LEA primary school, London High School United Kingdom 2012
My township school exposed me to a better side of school life what I couldn’t do academically I began to do them, I was admitted into my township school in 1994, 2012 Abuja and UK respectively in 1996 in my primary 3, my first position was 74 position out of 78 in my class, I had this position because of the negative influence I got from my local village school, during the 2nd term I had a little improve in my performance.

I started reading in primary 4 with Agbo goes to school, my township school helped me a lot, I got a lot of discipline academically, I wrote my first letter to my uncle, Jude Ibe and I later legalized letter writing as my own means of communicating to my loved ones, since telephone wasn’t  available for me at that time use.   
My township school introduced me to a lot of good things that I would never had had 

the opportunity of enjoying in my local village school
I was privileged to visit the Airport for an escortion.
I learned new things (how to speak good English, read and write)
I made good friends that added positive things to my life
Some of my village school classmate I left behind can’t compare themselves to me because of my exposure academically through my township school.
Be wise and learn to learn every day of your life (we learn to live)  

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