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12 April 2015

How to recover from a setback

You can’t beat yourself up over this. There was no way to foresee it. Anyone could have made the same mistake. There are a dozen ways to  spin it, suffering a temporary setback is a momentum killer if you let it. Here are three tips for getting back in saddle after a deflating setback

Sept one
Pout or punch: do what you have to do to feel better. Allow yourself to be an utter mess, success columnist Mel Robbins says “I gripe, I cry, I feel insecure, I punch the wall. I exercise, then, it’s out of my system and it’s over” she says.
Take the time you need to process what happened whether it’s life-altering like a layoff or an unforeseen obstacle in a big project, it’s okay. Really accepting the setback is an important step toward moving forward. It’s one more thing you can put in the “I know not to do that next time”

Step two
You’ve got to move it. The next step to recovery is taking action. Any action write down your proudest accomplishments and remember how you achieved them. Journaling your accomplishments will help you realize how powerful you really are. Recognizing your power, you can move forward confidently without second guessing your every steps.

Step three
What’s the takeaway? From every misstep, there’s a lesson learned or a key lesson learned or a key takeaway that you can apply to your project. So think on two levels-literally and figuratively. What’s the literal and figuratively. What’s the literal lesson from what happened and what large, overarching principle can be taken from this experience? View your challenges positively. Easier said than done, but just thinking to yourself, “okay, it can only get better now” is kind of positive affirmation you need  

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