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13 May 2015

Becoming a Good Man/Daddy

Men are regarded as a pillar of every home, to be a leader means you are very important to your family and community at large, man is anticipated to be successful in life no matter the circumstances he found himself.

Every individual is expected to achieve his or her dreams in life. Achieving dreams and vision is one of the most complex task facing vast majority of our youth in our contemporary world.

As a man and a father of the house, do not be like a lion in your home; rather be like a sheep (Harmless), so that your children will not see you as a threats to their freedom to express themselves.   

Like I mentioned above that men are pillar of every home, you are been single out. The youth of this contemporary generation want to append women on their road to success they want to attach so many distractions that could deprive them every opportunity to excel in life.

When you attach all of these distractions on your road to success and unless you put away all these distractions your will never archive your dream in life, you will never get to the peak of your destiny.    

It is quite obvious that they are several principles lay down to attain success in life as a young  Daddy, upcoming star, footballer, musician, doctor, nurse, farmer, business mogul,  for you to record success in your career you must stay off from:
i.            Womanizing
ii.            Drug abuse
iii.            Drunk habits
iv.            Procrastination
v.            Racism
vi.            Violence
vii.            Envy
viii.            Rebellion.  

Do not compare yourself to other people, it is only when you understand that all fingers are not equal, than you will be at peace with everyone. 


  1. Indian women will not agree with you. They think that they are also a pillar in the family, just like a man. Somewhat true in urban areas, they are educated and do outdoor work just like a man. They are also decision makers in the family.
    But the picture is different in Rural and Tribal areas.

  2. lol @ Abhijit even in Nigeria some ladies are often the pillar, but they don't abuse it. any way thanks for visiting

  3. Great thoughts, thanks for sharing!

    1. thanks so much blogoratti for sharing you thoughts