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16 May 2015

African migrant in a channel ferry heading to UK picture showing life in the creak

Posing by the al fresco dining table, Alpha, pictured, from Mauritania is clearly proud of his new home. Handbuilt from scraps of wood and covered in plastic sheeting, it
boasts a thatched roof - just like his former house back in his north African homeland. The 'town' - estimated population 4,000 - already boasts three shops, selling essentials such as tinned food, fizzy drinks and washing up liquid (and with someone else's supermarket trolleys outside), pictured left.


  1. Nice pictures. It's looks like Africa.

    1. its in UK african migrant

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  2. Nice shots & I think he did a terrific job building his own home!

    1. i don't think is a terrific stuff

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